We are here for you

It seems sometimes that the world has ceased to spin. Some of us got to explain why we are shifting to emergency distance learning to our students, and some of us got the news over the weekend after saying see you Monday that Friday to our students– our kids. Some of our districts are mandating full 8-hour workdays. Some are switching to no-grade assessments. Some are asking teachers to meet virtually once a week with students, while others have taken a hiatus from learning and instead requested that teachers create distance-learning packets to be mailed out with food.

What we learned so far in this tumultuous time is that:

  • What we knew about inequity has come to the surface. The varying levels of access– including none at all– have made this transition all the more difficult.
  • Teachers are rockstars. Few teachers that I know had any experience teaching online, yet within two weeks, teachers adjusted to the paradigm shift and made it work. We always make it work for our kids.
  • Some students have blossomed in online environments, while some have floundered. Some simply can’t get online. Some students are dealing with lack of motivation, while some are dealing with the deaths in their families associated with COVID 19 or otherwise. Some are dealing with toxic home environments of mental and physical abuse, while others are dealing with parents who, with the best intent in mind, are putting too much pressure on our young minds to succeed, to learn, to prosper despite *everything.* All of these situations, among others, are valid. All of these situations, among others, are real and hard and make learning during this time gosh darn near impossible. At least as compared to if we had our students face to face.
  • All of us have experienced “Zoom burnout” at one point or another.
  • All of us have experienced just.being.tired.of.everything at one point or another.
  • We have recognized that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay that our teaching at this time is not perfect. It is okay to “let go” of assignments, and to not put on makeup for Zoom meetings, and to sit our kids in front of a screen for a little longer than we’d like to so that we can get our work done. We continue to tell our colleagues and students to give themselves grace, but have a hard time following our own advice as we beat ourselves up for the what ifs and the how-can-I-help and the continued connectedness.

I could go on, but I don’t want this post to end up as just.another.coronavirus post. What I want to communicate with you all, our MAMLE membership and beyond, is that we are all doing our best, and if you can see any kind of support measure as helpful, please contact us.

If you would like access to some neat augmented reality and/or Hyperdoc activities for your students, here is a Google Drive with some of the ones my preservice teachers created to donate to schools: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1jJZ0BtIly28MAF9ijGz5JU9rBosaABca 

I would like to end this post in two ways. First, I want to let you know that we are working as a board to come up with contingency plans for our October 2020 conference. Our main goal is to keep everyone safe. We do not know what the future holds in regards to the virus, but please be assured (and stay patient) that we will adjust our conference format as needed to ensure your safety, and will communicate any changes that we make as soon as we can.

Finally, I want to remind you that WE SEE YOU. We know that you are working hard. Thank you. We know that THIS is hard. Thank you. We know that our middle school students are working hard. Thank you. Not everyone’s fight looks the same, but we are working hard to get through this together. Thank you for being the rockstars you already were.

In solidarity,

Katie Rybakova

Executive Director



Intent to Present, 2020!

Have a great idea for a conference session? Know a rockstar teacher who should share what they do every day? Work with preservice or beginning teachers who know the “lowdown” on the most current research?

Fill out our Intent to Present form today! Reduced conference rate and a fantastic professional learning opportunity. Join us in Portland in October 2020.

Interested in having preservice teachers present their research posters as part of our “The Future is Now” session? Check out the call here: The Future is Now 2020 Call for Posters and email rybakovae@thomas.edu (Katie) for more info.

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Conference Schedule Now Available!

Our conference schedule is going through its final tweaks, but we couldn’t wait to share it! We have an AMAZING lineup of presenters this year.

Session A


10:00 am – 11:00 am

Session B


11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Session C


2:30 pm – 3:30 pm


A1. Community Building Challenges

Gert Nesin, Todd McKinley

B1. Fun with Physical Computing

Sarah Irish, Laura Johns

C1. Middle School Math Workshop

Laura Johns


A2. Engaging Writers Through Reading Workshop

Noelle Gallant

B2. So You Want to Be a Middle-Level Administrator?

MAMLE BOD Administrators

C2. Using Technology to Transform Learning, Not Buff & Shine It

Mike Muir


A3. A Team Challenge – So You Think You Know Middle Level Education?

Chris Toy

B3. Embracing a Strengths-Based Approach to Relationship Building in the Classroom

Meredith Lynt

C3. What’s Your Spark? Tapping Student Interests in Service Learning Projects

Kathryn Adams


A4. Flipping the Paradigm: Servant Leadership

Jerry Kiesman

B4. National Board Certification at the Middle Level: Impact and Process

Tamara Ranger

C4. Middle School 101

Gert Nesin, Erica Gabbianelli


A5. Creating Infographics with Pages

Ann Marie Quirion Hutton

B5. Movie Animation with Keyframing

Lindsey Carnes

C5. Digital Workflows for Today’s Classroom with Apple Classroom

Mari Dufour


A6. Motivating Underachieving Students

Mike Muir, Sue Caron

B6. How the Heck Do You Reach 10-14 Year Olds?

Mike Muir

C6. Your Brain-Compatible Classroom

Dyan McCarthy-Clark


A7. Speak Up!: Productive Strategies to Encourage Speaking and Listening

Diana Carson

B7. Silent Strength: The Power of Leading with Kindness

Doug Ravis

C7. Digital Storytelling Projects for LA, History and STEAM – Integrating the New Literacy

Brett Pierce


A8. Solving Real World Problems with STEM Integration

Rhonda Tate, Hannah Lakin

B8. The Thingamabob: Technology as a Literacy, Not a Tool

Katie Rybakova

C8. STEAM Integrations at the Middle School Level

Nasya Monroe

Session D


8:30 am – 9:30 am

Session E


10:15 am – 11:15 am

Session F


11:30 am – 12:30 pm


D1. Using Restorative Practices to Engage Learners with Content

Ben Wilson

E1. Inspired Educator, Engaged Learner: Experiential Approaches to Social Emotional Learning, Community-Building, and Academic Engagement

Jen Stanchfield


D2. Integrating Your Community in the Classroom: Service Learning Project Models

Kristine Bisson

E2. Middle Level Experiences:  Sense of and Appreciation for Place

Jennifer Fronczak, Jill Plummer, William Cliff

F2. Teambuilding ESCAPades

Amy Tucker, Sonja Abbott


D3. Title Not Developed

Heather Sinclair

E3. Making Connections & Thinking Outside the Box

Jessica Archer, Connor Archer

F3. Using the Anchoring Phenomenon Routine to Launch NGSS-Designed Units

Kate Cook, Rhonda Tate


E4.Computer Science in Middle School Classrooms

Angela Oechslie

F4. What Now?

Erin LaPlante, Zach Longyear, Lindsay Mahoney


D4. Let’s Make a Book

Ann Marie Quirion Hutton

E5. Success Stories from Maine Schools

Lindsey Carnes

F5. TeacherTube and YouTube with PhotoBooth

Mari Dufour


D5. Digital Storytelling with Adobe Spark and Anchor.fm

Amy Tucker, Sonja Abbott

E6. Teaching Social Justice Standards

Todd McKinley


D6. Team-Building and Dialogue Through Collaborative Play

Hannah Cordes

E7. Middle Level Leadership – Question and Answer Panel

MAMLE BOD Administrators

F6. Fostering Connections and Nurturing Smiles

Dyan McCarthy-Clark


D7. Civilian Response to Active Shootings

David Bucknam, Zachary Longyear

E8. Hidden in Plain Sight

Danielle Denis, Dave Bucknam

F7. Evidence-Based Speaking and Writing: Reliable, Effective, and Ethical

Morgan Dunton


The Future is Now Poster Session

F8. Not Developed

Kaitlin Young


Interested in exhibiting at MAMLE 2019?

We have lots of options for exhibitors at MAMLE 2019. Your organization may purchase an exhibitor table placed near coffee, an exhibitor table AND vendor session, or an advertisement in our program. Exhibitor organizations should be based in an educational context. We anticipate between 100-150 middle level teachers this year!

Click on the file below for more information!

MAMLE Exhibitor Invite19

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