Kevin Perks’ Materials

Kevin Perks is presenting Thursday–His handouts are below:

Reading to Learn (RtL) in all Disciplines (Double Session A & B) – Kevin Perks, WestEd   Featured Presenter

With the advent of the Common Core State Standards and the increase in reading standards for teachers in all disciplines, may educators are wondering how to best support students’ reading development. This workshop will describe a process for reading to learn that all teachers can use to support classroom literacy in a consistent and effective manner. Participants will become familiar with the process of Reading to Learn and how it can be used to develop objective-driven text-based lessons. The workshop will also explore strategies for implementing the process of Reading to Learn school- and district-wide.

Reading to Learn – Diagram
Reading to Learn – Overview
Reading to Learn – Participant Packet
Reading to Learn – Rationale
Reading to Learn – Rationale Reading to Learn – Scenarios
Reading to Learn – Slides


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I taught middle school for many years, and now I consult with schools across the country and internationally in the areas of curriculum and instruction, including technology integration. Please also check out my blog about middle school teaming at Other publications include: Teaming Rocks! Collaborate in Powerful Ways to Ensure Student Success Everyone’s Invited! Interactive Strategies That Engage Young Adolescents 10 Differentiation Strategies for Building Prior Knowledge
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1 Response to Kevin Perks’ Materials

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks Jill! Looking forward to meeting everyone! 🙂 KP

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