Core Beliefs

MAMLE’s Core Beliefs:

An exemplary middle grades school must…

1. Meet the developmental needs of young adolescents.

2. Promote local professional development.

3. Promote a healthy work environment for both students & teachers.

4. Exemplify high standards based on research.

5. Invite active participation by students, parents and/or community.


We believe*…

… that young adolescents undergo profound changes in intellectual, physical and emotional development. These changes require schools with programs and learning opportunities that are responsive to the developmental needs of 10-15 year olds.

Space Day--Auburn MS--What's it like to build in space?

Space Day–Auburn MS–What’s it like to build in space?

…that those working with young adolescents must understand and be sensitive to the unique needs of this age group in order to ensure their intellectual, physical, and emotional growth.

Poetry Cafe-Durham Community School

Poetry Cafe-Durham Community School

…that learning about and responding to the individual and group interests and needs of students enhances their academic success.

Project Zero Waste--Gorham MS

Project Zero Waste–Gorham MS

…that all young adolescents can learn and will respond to high academic expectations when they participate actively in their own learning.

Working to save clams from European green crab--Woolwich Central School

Working to save clams from European green crab–Woolwich Central School

*from This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents



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