Membership Information

MAMLE, Maine Association for Middle Level Education, is the professional association of teachers, administrators, and parents who have joined together to support the development of quality programs which serve the needs of young adolescents. MAMLE exists to promote a better understanding of middle grades education in our state. It is a source of ideas, information, and support.

Membership Fees

Individual Membership ($25.00)
Institutional Membership ($95.00)
Region (RSU) Membership ($190.00)

Institutional membership entitles the member or member school/region conference discounts and other professional materials, as well as 2 votes eligibility.

Purchase Information 

Purchase via check 
Send a check (or purchase order for institutional memberships) payable to MAMLE to the following address:

MAMLE c/o Katie Rybakova
Thomas College
180 West River Road
Waterville, ME 04901

*Be sure to include your full name and title, mailing address, work phone number, email address, and specify your level of membership.*



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